Orazio Longo graduated in piano and made his debut in Catania, in 2003, performing ID, a theatrical video-musical show with ballet, written and realized ‘four hands’ together with Giancarlo Scarvaglieri.
In the same year he began his collaboration with Samyr Guarrera.
Plus, he made several issues for various instruments, under “Schizzi Sonori” editions, among them: The clock machine, Panzer, Gli angeli di Natale, Sunday’s Bells.
About theatrical works, he composed music scores for ‘pièces’ Da grande volevo fare il corridore ciclistico (2006), and Schiuma (2007), both written by Giuseppe Mazzone (staged in collaboration with Magma Theatre).
Besides his musical activities in several collaborations and concerts, he also practises journalistic and teaching ones.
His first album, Lynotape – feuilletons sans mots, was released in 2005.
Three years later it was followed by Paragem – Suite, dedicated to Lisbon and the ‘Portuguese saudade’, with the special guest Rosalba Bentivoglio who sang Amori Smarriti.
Landscape – Preludes, his last work, takes back the sounds of the previous two albums enriching them with further insights, improved resonances and a new section of electric bass and guitar.